History of Heralds of Good News


14 October 1984. Driven by an inspired necessity that was felt in the Church and among the masses, a Missionary Society was approved of its draft Constitution this day. The Heralds of Good News was born!

The starting of the Missionary Society of Heralds of Good News was indeed the result of the single-minded devotion of its founder, Very Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett, who read and foresaw very early the signs of the times and the need of the Church and acted upon the will of God. He dreamt of a vibrant group of hardworking, saintly and zealous men, who would dedicate their lives for being the salt of the earth and light of the world.

Having got its draft constitution approved by Rt. Rev. Dr. John Mulagada, the Bishop of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, the Society embarked on its long journey into the new millennium, covering peoples and nation, missions and charisms. On 2 February 1985, the pioneer members - with the Founder being elected as the Society’s first Director General, Frs. Thomas Alencherry, Mathew Kallikatt, K.V. Augustine and Bros. Thomas Karachira and Jose Oonnukallel made their final commitment to the Society in the presence of Bishop John Mulagada. They knew they were beginning a new vocation that is to save and renew the world with the Good News of the Kingdom. They were now The Heralds of Good News.

The society, at its elementary levels knew well the need for well-trained missionaries. Result was the openings of study houses of various levels at different zones of South India. On June 25, 1985 the Mother House of Formation at Kurukuru opened its avenue to 28 students with Fr. Thomas Alencherry as the first Rector. Various study houses that followed suit in formation were domiciled at Janampet (1990), Pinakadami (1992), Poonamalle (1993), Melavalady (1994), Khammam (1996), Kurnool (2000), Ifakara, Tanzania (2002) et al. The Society’s accentuation on education launched various schools in the following years with academies at Prathipadu (1988) and Yernagudem (1989) among the inaugurals.

The home gave more ground for the Society’s mission. Services by the members spread out to various dioceses all over India, taking up parishes and starting various institutions of missionary habiliment. Meanwhile, on 29 December 1993, the first batch of the seminarians were ordained. The Congregation was growing. The following year marked the General elections changing the overall face of administration with fresh body being built up with Fr. Chacko Puthumayil as the new Director General, assisted by Frs. Mathew Kallikatt, P. Thomas, Cherian Pullambrayil and Mathew Panackal. Fr. Jose Kaimlett will from now on be titled as Superior General. On 2 February 1995, as the Society celebrated its Decennium, joy was added with the Generalate in Eluru being inaugurated. The Central administration would now on open out the Society’s mission from Eluru. The next general assembly to be held in 1999 would see Fr. Mathew Kallikatt being elected as the new Director General. The assembly elected Fr. Phillip Kulathinapadickal as the Asst. Director General, and Frs. Mathew Vengaloor, Xavier Thekkumkattil, and Thomas Alencherry as the Councilors. Fr. Babu Kulathunkal will chair the office of Procurator General.

On May 5 1999, the Society was raised to the Pontifical Status with a decree from the Holy See. The missionary confidence and constancy of the members was boosted by this new move of God’s showers of blessing. The Holy Spirit was stirring their hearts for the next. The Lord has prepared the way, and now He calls them to do the same for Him. They were ready.

The new millennium had its natal cries diminishing. The Society reading the needs of better mission decided to do a makeover to suit the mission to the new world. Responding to this pastoral urgency, the Extraordinary General Assembly held in 2004 amended the Constitution, deciding to erect 3 Provinces, and give the members the option to choose between them. With the Holy See approving the amended Constitution, the provinces were inaugurated in the year 2008, under the aegis of the Pontifical Commiserate that oversaw the Society from 2006-2009. Regions were allotted for the better mission of the provinces with St. Paul Province to minister to the South West Region, Mary Queen of Apostles Province to care for South East Region and Blessed Mother Teresa Province to coordinate missions in North India.

With a renewed face, Heralds of Good News would advance the mission under the new General Administration being elected in 2009. Rev. Fr. A. Francis was elected the New Superior General with Rev. Fr. Adackamundackal Joseph to assist him. The central administration would include Rev. Frs. Saji Sebastian, Charles Savarimuthu and Adattu Nixon as Councilors and Frs. Dung Dung Nirdosh and P. Christuraju as the Procurator General and Secretary General respectively.

14 October 2009 marked the Silver Jubilee of the Foundation of HGN. We have reached so long. But we knew we are not yet. There was but one course to pursue… the path of the Nazarene. And we would endeavor new horizons of mission with renewed spirit. Following the General forums of 2011 and 2013, The General Assembly was celebrated from January 21-24, 2015. The new General Administration was set up: Rev. Fr. M. Ignatius – Superior General; Rev. Fr. Kulathinapadickal Philip – Asst. Superior General; Rev. Frs. Kappunkal Thomas, R. Innasimuthu and Jangam Joseph – Councillors; Rev. Fr. Pamplaniyil Saji - Procurator General; and Rev. Fr. Sengol Bazil – Secretary General.

The disciple of Christ has the duty of spreading the Faith. Christ the Lord calls whoever He will from among the number of His disciples, to be with Him and to be sent by Him to preach to the nations. Therefore, by the Holy Spirit, who distributes the charismata as He wills for the common good, He inspires the missionary vocation in the hearts of individuals, and at the same time He raises up in the Church certain institutes which take as their own special task the duty of preaching the Gospel. HGN was one. And we will remain so… because we are The Heralds of Good News…


October 14, 1984: The approval of the draft constitution by Rt. Rev. Dr. John Mulagada, Bishop of Elur

December 12, 1984: The foundation for the Minor Seminary at Kurukkuru was laid by Bishop John

February 2, 1985: The pioneer members Frs. Jose Kaimlett, Thomas, Alenchery, Mathew Kallikatt, K.V. Augustine & Bros. Thomas Karachira and Jose Oonnukallel made their final commitment to Society in the presence of Bishop John in his private chapel.

February 2, 1985: Rev. Fr. Jose Kaimlett, elected the first Director General in the election conducted in Bishop’s office.

June 25, 1985: The Heralds of Good News Minor Seminary, blessed and inaugurated. The course starts with 28 students and Fr. Thomas Alanchery as its First Rector.

February 13, 1988: The foundation stone for Heralds College, Janampet, blessed by His Grace Most Rev. Augustino Cacciavillan, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to India. ·

July 2, 1988: St. Mary’s English Medium School, Prathipadau, T.P. Gudem opened.

June 12, 1989: St. Josephs School at Yernagudem starts functioning.

January 4, 1990: Heralds College, Janampet, the study house for the major seminarians opened and blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. John Mulagada, Bishop of Eluru.

September 9, 1990: The Society takes up the parish of Vanasthalipuram in the Archdiocese of Hyderabad

December 26, 1990: The First General Assembly of the Society. Fr. Jose Kaimlett re-elected Director General and Fr. Mathew Kallikatt the Assistant Director General, Frs. Thomas Alancherry and P. Thomas elected Councillors and Fr. Thomas Karachira the procurator.

January 1991: The first missionary to the USA, to the diocese of Lake Charles, USA

May 5, 1991: The Heralds of Good News erected as a Missionary Society of Apostolic life of the diocesan Right.

July 7, 1991: The starting of Wagamon mission in Vijayapuram diocese , Kerala

December 27, 1991: Good News Press blessed and opened by Bishop M. John.

June 27, 1992: Inauguration of Heralds Minor Seminary, Pinakadimi.

August 5, 1992: The Society extends its service to the diocese of Khammam with the opening of Enkoor Mission

August 11, 1992: Foundation stone laid for Heralds College, Poonamallee by Rev. Fr. Jose Kaimlett

May 15, 1993: Aswaraopet mission in the diocese of Khammam opened.

June 6, 1993: Heralds College at Poonamallee, Madras blessed and inaugurated.

December 29, 1993: Ordination of the First Batch of Students.

January 25, 1994: The second General Assembly begins at Heralds College, Janampet. Fr. Jose Kaimlett resigns as the Director General. Fr. Chacko Puthumayil is elected as Director General and Fr. Mathew Kallikatt as Assistant Director General and procurator, Frs. P. Thomas, Cherian Pullambrayil and Rev. Mathew Panackal the Councilors. Fr. Jose Kaimlett was given the title ‘Superior General’.

March 18, 1994: The foundation for the Generalate at Thangellamudi laid by Bishop M. John.

June 2, 1994: Inauguration of Dhammampet mission in the diocese of Khammam

June 10, 1994: Foundation for the Heralds Philosophate at Khammam blessed and laid by Rt. Rev. Dr. Marampudi Joji, Bishop of Khammam.

June 12, 1994: Blessing and inauguration of the seminary at Melavalady, Trichy by Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter Remigius, Bishop of Kumbakonam.

November 2, 1994: The South Indian Province, the first Province of Heralds of Good News inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Dr. John, Bishop of Eluru at Heralds College, Janampet, Fr. P. Thomas elected Provincial and Fr. Jose Plathottam as the Assistant, Frs. Jose Ounnukallel and George Thellikalayil the councillors and Mathew Panackal the Procurator.

February 2, 1995: Decennium of the Society Celebrated. The Generalate at Eluru is blessed and inaugurated.

June 1995: The first missionaries to the Archdiocese of Cape Town, South Africa

June 1995: The first batch of the students admitted to the St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Khammam

August 1995: The first missionary to Papua New Guinea, to the diocese of Vanimo

September 6, 1996: Blessing and Inauguration of St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Khammam and laying of Foundation for the theology block.

October 1996: The mission at Gurzala, Guntur diocese is taken up.

January 13,1997: General Assembly celebrated

February 1997: Opening of the Dharmavaram Mission in Kurnool Diocese. The first missionaries to North East, to the dioceses of Gauhati and Bongaigaon

August 1997: Opening of St. Andrews School at Thozhuthoor, Kumbakonam diocese

April 1998: The inauguration of the Good News Retreat centre, Kudakkachira, Taking up of parish in the diocese of Rieti, Italy

November 1998: Rev. Fr. Chacko Puthumayil, the Director General resigns

January 12 - 14, 1999: The General Assembly celebrated - Fr. Mathew Kallikatt elected Director General, Fr. Philip Kulathinapadickal - Assistant Director General, Fr. Mathew Vengaloor - Councillor, Fr. Xavier Thekkumkattil - Councillor, Fr. Thomas Alanchery - Councillor, Fr. Babu Kulathumkal - Procurator General

May 5, 1999: The Heralds of Good News is raised to the Pontifical Status

August 1999: The First missionary to Tanzania

February 24, 2000: Blessing and inauguration of the St. John’s Major Seminary, Kurnool

May 5, 2000: Inauguration of the house at Rocca di Papa, Italy

September 2000: Blessing and inauguration of Good News School, Tadepally

October 25, 2000: The Provincial Assembly convoked. - Rev. Fr. Joy Oravanamthadathil elected The Provincial, Fr. Shaju Chempottickal -Assistant Provincial, Fr. Francis Suresh Kumar - Councillor, Fr. Joseph Thundathil - Councillor, Fr. Antony Palackal - Councillor, Fr. Tomy Ambatt -Councillor & Procurator

February 2001: The first missionary to Kenya

September 2001: Opening of the study house at Varazze, Italy

January 2002: The first missionaries to Guatemala

September 25, 2002: The blessing and inauguration of the seminary at Ifakkara, Tanzania

December 28, 2002: The blessing and inauguration of the extension blocks of St. John’s Major Seminary, Kurnool.

February 2003: The first missionaries to Uganda

May 23, 2003: Founder starts the Missionaries of Compassion

October 16, 2003: The blessing and inauguration of the retreat centre at Nanguneri, Tamil Nadu.

December 28, 2003: The extraordinary General Assembly convoked

December 29, 2003: The blessing and inauguration of the extension blocks of St.John’s Seminary, Nidadavole

April 26 - 30, 2004: The extraordinary General Assembly. The Constitution is amended with the provision for the members to opt for the province of their choice. The Assembly decided to erect 3 provinces (South West, South East and North)

June 2004: Blessing & Inauguration of Heralds College, Chatrapur, Orissa

June 24, 2004: Blessing & Inauguration of St. Mary’s Minor Seminary at Karunapuram, Kerala

July 31, 2004: The Holy See approves the amended Constitutions.

July 2005: First Missionaries to Canada

November 18, 2005: The blessing and Inauguration of the extension block of Khammam Seminary

July 2006: Blessing & Inauguration of Good News Retreat Centre, Pampady, Kerala

October 2006: First Missionaries to Holland

November 26, 2006: The Pontifical Commiserate begins

August 2008: The erection of the three provinces and the election of the Provincial Administrations: St. Paul's Province (5th - 6th August), Mary Queen of Apostles Province (13th - 15th August), Mother Theresa Province (20th - 23rd August).

August 22, 2008: Agreement with Missionaries of Compassion for the sharing of Property.

October 1, 2008: Inauguration of Mother Theresa Province

October 11, 2008: Inauguration of Mary Queen of Apostles Province

January 19 - 24, 2009: The General Assembly celebrated and the new General Administration is elected. Rev. Fr. A. Francis - Superior General,Rev. Fr. Adackamundackal Joseph (Shaji) - Assistant Superior General, Rev. Frs. Poovannikumthottiyil Joseph (Saji Sebastian), A. Charles Savarimuthu, Adattu Nixon - Councillors, Rev. Fr. Dung Dung Nirdosh -Procurator General, Rev. Fr. Pachigolla Christuraju - Secretary General.

May 19, 2009: Pontifical Commiserate comes to an end

August 15, 2009: The Holy See approves the amended constitutions

October 14, 2009: The Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Foundation of HGN at the Mother House at Kurukkuru General Forum: 2011 General Forum: 2013

January 21-24, 2015: The General Assembly celebrated and the new General Administration is elected. Rev. Fr. M. Ignatius - Superior General,Rev. Fr. Kulathinapadickal Philip - Assistant Superior General, Rev. Frs. Kappumkal Thomas (Roy), R. Innasimuthu, Jangam Joseph - Councillors, Rev. Fr. Pamplaniyil Saji - Procurator General, Rev. Fr. X. Zengol Bazil - Secretary General.

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