Mission Of Compassion

Care For The Elderly

Taking care of the elderly who are abandoned by the society is an urgent task in different parts of the world, especially in the economically backward countries where there is no social security or health insurance.

It is a very sad reality that some elderly parents are abandoned by their children. While in the Developed World, this miserable phenomenon is not because their children cannot provide support, but because they choose not to, in the developing countries, most of the time, it is because of the lack of the economical means that the elderly are found engaged in the street in begging and searching for a place to lay their head. Missionaries of Compassion try to take care and support the lonely, the abandoned aged, regardless of their caste and creed, providing improvement in the quality of their lives. By following Christ’s example, Missionaries of Compassion bring a message of love and compassion to the lonely and rejected.

Care For The Sick

Christ wanted his followers to have compassion for the suffering. St. Luke’s gospel says that Jesus sent his disciples out to preach the Kingdom of God andto heal the sick. The followers of Christ heeded the Pauline counsel that “if one member suffer anything, all the members suffer with it, or if one member glories, all the members rejoice with it.” The corporal works of Compassion, which include the care of the sick, should be incumbent on all Christian believers. In order to take care of the suffering sick, the missionaries of Compassion establish hospitals, dispensaries and free medical camps in the remote villages and care centres for the terminally ill.

Free Medical Camps

Thanks to the whole hearted service of volunteer doctors of the Find the Cure, Italy, and local expert doctors and medical assistants the Missionaries of Compassion has been conducting free medical camps in the remote villages in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Hundreds of patients who do not have access to the hospitals in the towns benefit from this service.

The first free medical camp was conducted on 24 February 2007 in Kottanpangy, in a small village church, where about 90 patients were examined. Majority of the patients were suffering from Scabies (a common skin infection that causes small itchy bumps and blisters due to tiny mites that burrow into the top layer of human skin to lay their eggs),malnutrition, fever, and wounds. Seven other villages in and around Eluru benefitted from the expertise of the Find the Cure in February 2007.

From 12 October 2007 a group of Italian doctors participate in the medical camps in the villages of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Their remarkable service is extended for over a month in these places and it is beneficial for hundreds of poor sick, who otherwise do not have any means to cure for their illness.As many poor benefit from these free medical camps, we expect to conduct free medical camps on a regular basis in places where there is urgent need.

Food For The Hungry

During the growing global food crisis, poor families in our missions are faced with difficult choices. Most families in the missions comprise of manual labourers who work in the rice fields if at all they are called to. After a long day’s work a labourer manages to earn less than $ 1.00, with which he has to meet all the basic needs like food, clothing, medicine etc. Not being able to afford all the needs of the family, he is forced to send his children to work instead of sending them to school to find scraps of food or to earn extra income. Thus the children are not able to go to school. Child sponsorship provides the child and their family what they need to survive – food, healthcare and education. It also shines the light of Christ into their dark circumstances, letting that child and family know that someone cares for them. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child today and helping them not only survive this current crisis but also be equipped for the future, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Mobile Food Distribution

The mobile food distribution programme is intended for the benefit of those poor elderly persons who do not have any means for their livelihood and who cannot reach our soup kitchens. Every day a team of volunteers bring food to the poor families in the villages. At present around hundred persons in five villages benefit from this initiative and we hope to extend this service to more villages around Eluru.

A Modern Version of the Final Judgement

I was hungry, and you were obese

I was thirsty and you were watering your lawn

I was a stranger and you called the police and were glad to see me being taken away;

I was naked and you were saying, “I do not have a thing to wear – I must get some new clothes tomorrow

I was ill and you asked, “Is it contagious?”

I was in prison and you said, “That is where your kind belongs”

Water For Thirsty

In many villages there is acute shortage for drinking water. People drink polluted water from lakes, public tanks which are shared by human beings and animals alike. Most water sources are contaminated by sewage and agricultural runoff. Although access to drinking water has improved 75% of all diseases are related to unsafe water. In India, diarrhea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths daily.

Hygiene practices also continue to be a problem in the villages. Latrine usage is extremely poor in rural areas. In order to decrease the amount of disease spread through contaminated drinking-water, together with furnishing the village with safe drinking water, we work also through awareness programs to improve hygiene.

With $ 5,000.00, we can provide a village with a deep bore well and safe drinking water tank and ensure continuous healthy and safe drinking water supply.

Each of these villages are provided with clean drinking water, bringing poverty and hunger relief to thousands of people – not for one day, not for one week, but for years and years to come. Constructing deep bore well close to villages means that people no longer have to walk long distances to often unreliable water sources. Our water team oversees the project and ensures it is maintained and protected. We believe these water projects will relieve suffering, open doors to better health and economic development.

Provide a Village with Safe Drinking Water

With your contribution of $ 5.000,00 we can furnish a village with safe drinking water – Deep well and Water tank which ensure continuos healthy drinking water. There are thousands depending on your compassion

Shelter For The Houseless

For hundreds in the missions even the poor appearance of a house does not exist. Those who somehow or other manage to live with the limited income of a long day’s work, cannot certainly afford to project for building a proper shelter for themselves even if they have a piece of land to lay their head.

The question of shelter for the poor is of secondary importance as compared with that of their food-supply. However hundreds in both rural and urban areas have no place that they can call home, not even the meagre shelter of the one-roomed hut with which they would gladly be content. Added to the sufferings of hunger, they have to face the sharp and sometimes frosty air of the cold weather with scarcely a rag to their backs, and no doors, windows, or even walls to keep off the chilly wind. In the long monsoon season they have to make their bed on the damp floor or ground. Under such circumstances our goal is to build shelters for the houseless people. Compassionate service to the houseless is an urgent task to meet the housing requirements of the vulnerable sections to realise the goal of shelter for all.

For the victims of the natural calamities, we have established shelter homes in two different villages. After the devastating ‘Tsunami’ that hit India in the morning hours of 26 December, 2004, many remained without shelter. The shelter home in the eastern coastal area is a great relief for especially the fishermen, who during the time of calamities like ‘Tsunami’ and the frequent ‘cyclones’, remain without their thatched sheds.

Houses for the Poor

Our compassionate service extends to those very poor family members who after a whole day’s hard labour, are hardly able to feed themselves and who do not have a place to lay their head. With a total cost of US$ 3,000.00 we can build a house with two rooms, kitchen and a lavatry. Those family members who succeed in saving a little bit put their contribution of US$ 350.00 for the construction of their house.

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