Good News Retreat Centre, Pampady, Kerala

A Brief History of the Centre

Good News Retreat Center at Kottayam, Pampady is set in a beautiful countryside of Kerala, India; established in 1998 at Kudakkachira and transplanted to this present venue of grace in 2005. It is founded by Rev. Fr. Joseph Kandathiparamabil, a spirit filled vibrant priest of St. Paul Province of Heralds of Good News. And he was the first director of the centre. Rev. Fr. Noble Thottathil served from 2006 as the Assi. Director and from 2013 he served as the Director of this Retreat Centre. From 1st April 2014 Rev. Fr. BijuThoompunkal is the director; Rev. Fr. SubinMattathil is the Assi. Director from May 2011 and from May 2016 Rev. Fr. Manu Kuttikatt is the administrator of the centre for spiritual renewal. This Retreat Centre helps Thousands of people every day to experience the love, healing touch of Jesus Christ through spirit filled worship, prayers, talks and music.At present almost 2000 people get the experience of God monthly in 5 different Retreats.

Good News Retreat Centre at Pampady is an institution of the St.Paul Province of Heralds of Good News. Heralds of Good News is a Missionary Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right. The specific aim of Heralds of Good News is to form and supply zealous and hardworking priests who are passionate to serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, through the proclamation of His Good News in word and deed. It is in accordance with the charism of our Missionary Society that the St. Paul Province established had Good News Retreat Centre at Pampady to preach the Good News to all ( Mk. 16:15,16) through the spiritual retreats guided by the Fathers of Heralds of Good News.

Good News Retreat Centre is an oasis of spiritual renewal and empowerment for many who want to grow deeper in their relationship with God. Hundreds of people of all ages and from different background come to the Centre every week to make spiritual retreats. Asmen and women of all times always need, at times, to withdraw temporarily from heavy schedules of day to day living, in order to nourish their inner life of the Spirit. Good News Retreat Centre facilitates the retreatants to experience solitude and stillness, spend time in prayer and reflection, and to be in the company of God (Mk. 6: 31, 32). During the retreats, the participants begin to take stock of their lives and look for that which really counts. Spiritual retreats help us to return to the very same situations, the same set of circumstances, the same roles, responsibilities and relationships that we left behind with new eyes to see and new mind to think after having experienced and undergone an interior conversion through the work of the Holy Spirit with the transforming power of the Word of God (Ps. 19:7). The retreats at the Centre help people to dispel the murkiness of discontent by looking honestly at themselves in relation to God. It is scientifically and empirically inexplicable, but in faith comprehensible, that hundreds of people who frequent the Centre experience spiritual and physical healing (Matt. 9:35). Indeed it is the work of God. Let us praise Him for His marvelous blessings and healing touch through His son Jesus Christ, our Saviour."How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!" (Rom. 10:15).

Good News Retreat Centre Kakkoor

Good News Snehabhavan is built in a plot of 3 acres of land donated by a generous man, Jose at Kakkoor village in Kerala. It is a home for the elderly destitute in Kerala, giving them loving care and support, irrespective of their caste, region and creed. The increasing break-up and dispersal of the nuclear family has pushed the aged in many cases to the streets, alone, neglected and vulnerable. Many of them suffer from specific health problems faced by older people, such as poor eyesight, weak and broken limbs and malnutrition. Asthma, tuberculosis and other respiratory problems are common. Psychological and emotional stresses contribute further to the breakdown of their health. The plight of the old people in the poorest sections of our society is pitiable because they are too old to work, too poor to make a living, nobody to look after and nothing to look forward. There are many aged, sick and neglected elderly people unwanted by children and relatives looking for a place to spend the evening of their life. India is expected to have 100 million people aged over 60 by 2013. 90% of older persons have no social security at age 60. 30% of the elderly live below the poverty line and a further 33% live just above it. 55% of women over 60 are widows, many of them with no support what so ever. We care for destitute with the love Christ has shown to the poor and the neglected.

Parish Ministry

Heralds of Good News is a Missionary Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right. The specific purpose of Heralds of Good News is to form and supply zealous, saintly and hardworking missionaries to wherever there is need; who are passionate to serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, through the proclamation of His Good News in word and deed. Keeping in mind the specific purpose of the society, we the members of St. Paul Province sent priests into different countries and civilizations to proclaim the good news of Christ as enshrined in the Gospel of Mk. Ch. 16, 15; ‘go into the whole world and proclaim the Good News to whole creation’. The major part of our member priests are engaged in Parish apostolate. 12 priests are working in the parishes in the United States, 12 in Italy, in Papua New Guinea 5, Canada 2, Holland 2, Germany 7, and in India 16. Through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist administration of the other sacraments and the people of God is drown to the church by which the salvation of the humanity is attained. And our priests are so convinced of this salvific nature of the proclamation of the good News doing it with at most care and diligence.

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