Education for the Poor

Education for the under privileged

"Education is the medium through which we encounter the young minds of today who will constitute the society and the Church of tomorrow. Our Schools will seek to foster the integral development of the students for a better tomorrow." (HGN Directory No.54)

The literacy rate is extremely low in southern parts as compared to other parts of India. Inspite of the Government initiatives, low literacy prevails among the poor and dalits. So our main aim is to reduce the illiteracy rate by focusing to educate the children in the areas where we carry out our mission among the various reasons for this low rate, the main reason is the tendency of the parents to keep the children at home, so that they can lend a helping hand in the fields or in tending the cattle, even today most of the people work as servants in the houses of the rich class and workers in their fields. Some go for daily labor. The daily wage get is very low and it makes them to starve for food.

Really it looks very pathetic to see the people undergoing starvation. Please kindly pray for them thus they have some work to feed themselves. The young children break their studies due to financial constrain and start going for daily labor and the poverty of these families remain the same as they cannot pursue their education. All most all the men are addicted to alcohol and do not care the family and its situation. Thus the faithful are poor and are all illiterates. Now a day’s very many young ones with the help of our missionaries getting educated and reaching their goals to sustain their family with their jobs. But many other people are still facing financial constrains to educate their children and stop their education

In addition to this, the problem of the scarcity of basic facilities and infrastructure in the school and lack of committed teachers are the other reasons. This low literacy status is the greatest stumbling block for the overall development and growth of the society. The parents need to be conscientized to become aware of the value of Education and the importance of collective action to promote a healthy society.

To facilitate the children and to reach our vision of providing the education we are running 2 schools in rural and tribal areas, which are attached to our missions centers. There are more than 700 Children in these schools. In our Educational Institutions, we try to impart the spiritual and moral values to all and teach catechism; conduct some seminars on importance of education to the Christian Children in order to bring awareness about education.

On placing the difficulties, we solicit your great help, and donations we will ever grateful to you for your kind gesture. Hoping in the lord and looking forward with empty hands for your kind help. Please join us to bring light in the life of these underprivileged.

  • To Provide School Fee for Students.
  • To Establish a School.
  • Bicycle to a School Student.

To Provide School Fee for Students

This is to help the destitute Youth who are not able to pursue their higher studies due to poverty. Poverty is a block which hinders them from studies and they regret for being poor. This situation makes them really helpless and hopeless to continue their studies. Let us be the solution for their problem.

To Provide Fees for College Studies
For a month $ 50.00
For a year $ 500.00

This Contribution will help one youngster to meet the college Fee, Books, travelling expenses, etc. As a sponsor, you will receive information regarding the student (Including Name, Date of Birth and Short Profile) and a yearly progress of the youngster's Education

To build an Elementary School

Schools are the places where the future citizens are being educated, formed, and informed of all the basics, where he even learns and begins to civilize himself, someone without education is like a blind man who cannot do anything except to hear, so kindly help us to establish an elementary school in rural and tribal areas in order to educate the poor children who are unable to go to school due to acute poverty and to give them a bright future.

Cost of building an Elementary School $ 50,000.00

Facilitating the student with a Bicycle

This is to provide bicycles to the poor village students, who are far from the School, bicycle will help the student to reach the school in time otherwise by the time he reaches the school by foot he is tied, sometimes late and feels too hard to sit in the class room. As for as we know bicycle is the vehicle which a poor man affords to buy but here first of all the people finds it very hard to survive and sustain their families and have no possibility of buying it, so please consider the situation and respond to needs of the poor school boys.

Cost of a Bicycle $ 100.00
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