Social Apostolate

The members of St. Paul Province of Heralds of Good News, with the help of the lay collaborators, proclaim the love of God in action by serving the poor and needy. Through our selfless service , the inmates in our destitute homes and rehabilitation centers experience God’s love, care, comfort and consolation. Hundreds of young children are being given freely value based education and integral formation in our schools. Many poor children receive lodging and boarding in our hostels. Thousands of people are able to quench their thirst as we provide them drinking water. The homeless find shelters in the houses offered by us. Various programs and movements are organized under the leadership of our missionaries for the empowerment women. Timely interventions are made to save poor children from child labor.

Everything we are able to do in making the poor and needy to experience the love of God through our humble service thanks to the generosity and support of our benefactors and well wishers.


Good News Retreat Center charity fund assists in changing hearts and lives of many. "Ammaveedu" is one example that offers lives for the needy and Your donation of any amount will help to share Christ's love with people in need of variety of causes. If you are inspired and would like to donate please contact us or call or email Fr. Joseph Kandathiparambil.

Good News Snehabhavan Kakkoor

Good News Snehabhavan is built in a plot of 3 acres of land donated by a generous man, Mr. Jose Araggery at Kakkoor village in Kerala. 20th May 2013 was the year of blessing and inauguration. It is a home for the elderly destitute in Kerala, giving them loving care and support, irrespective of their caste, region and creed.The increasing break-up and dispersal of the nuclear family has pushed the aged in many cases to the streets, alone, neglected and vulnerable. Many of them suffer from specific health problems faced by older people, such as poor eyesight, weak and broken limbs and malnutrition. Asthma, tuberculosis and other respiratory problems are common. Psychological and emotional stresses contribute further to the breakdown of their health. The plight of the old people in the poorest sections of our society is pitiable because they are too old to work, too poor to make a living, nobody to look after and nothing to look forward. There are many aged, sick and neglected elderly people unwanted by children and relatives looking for a place to spend the evening of their life. India is expected to have 100 million people aged over 60 by 2013. 90% of older persons have no social security at age 60. 30% of the elderly live below the poverty line and a further 33% live just above it. 55% of women over 60 are widows, many of them with no support whatsoever.We care for destitute with the love Christ has shown to the poor and the neglected.

Asha Bhavan Vagamon

Good News Asha Bhavan is a rehabilitation centre for mentally challenged persons who are rejected by their families and relatives. Good News Asha Bhavan is owned and operated by St. Paul Province of Heralds of Good News. Heralds of Good News is a Missionary Society of Priests, founded in Andhra Pradesh, India in 1984 by Very Rev. Fr. Jose Kaimlett. Heralds of Good News priests are engaged in seminary formation, parish pastoral works, running destitute homes, orphanages, spiritual retreat ministry, etc.

Recognizing the desperate and pathetic situation of the mentally challenged people around, the provincial administration after due prayer and consultation ventured into this ministry, though in a humble way. Since 2010 we have been running this centre in a beautiful location at Vagamon. Vagamon provides very good atmosphere for the mentally challenged. Since the facilities have been limited we have been able to admit only a small number of patients. We have a group of personnel that support this mission by providing the inmates adequate and effective treatment.

Good News Asha Bhavan is registered under the Board of control for Orphanages and other charitable homes, Government of Kerala (Reg No: 1756/2011).

Special Features of Good News Asha Bhavan

This home for the destitute and abandoned mental patients aims at rehabilitating them through medical treatment and all the other means the Church offers for the physical and spiritual healing of her children.

This home relies in the providence of God for its day to day maintenance

Good News Asha Bhavan is located at Vagamon, a place of exquisite beauty and healthy atmosphere. Vagamon is known for its grassy mountainous landscape with slowly rolling plains. It is at the heart of the Sahya Mountains, which run parallel to India’s south west coast. It is a place sanctified by the breeze which flows softly across the valleys and by the overwhelming beauty of the creation. Here one lives with nature.

The inmates make intercessory prayers for the sanctification of the world and especially for those who have requested for prayers.


Activities play an important role in the process of psychological healing. Involvements in different activities keep them motivated and give them a sense of usefulness. It helps them to be conscious of some of their talents and abilities and be proud of them. The goal is to lead them to normal and productive life in the community. They work alone and in groups.

Good News Bhavan, Kengeri


On our journey towards expanding the ministry of proclaiming the Good News, a piece of agricultural land was purchased at Kengeri, near Bangaloru city in the state of Karnadaka. In view of a centre for youth animation and spiritual counseling and guidance, the foundation stone laid for the building on 19th August 2010 by Rev. Fr. SibyPeedikayil, then Provincial Superior of St. Paul Province. Rev. Fr. Ashy Palimattam was appointed to look after the construction work and the first superior of the community.

In a period of seven months, the construction works were completed and on 26th February 2011, the house was blessed and inaugurated by His Grace Most Rev. Bernard Morres, the Archbishop of Bangalore and Rev. Fr. SibyPeedikayil, the Provincial Superior. The house was named Good News Bhavan. Rev. Fr. Joseph Kurialassery is a member of the community. Rev. Frs. JobyNadayil, Binoy MT., served as superiors of Good News Bhavan after Rev. Fr. Ashy Palimattam. Foundation stone was laid on 02nd March 2016 for the new block by Rev. Fr. Joseph Kurialassery in the presence of Rev. Frs. Saji Sebastian, the provincial, Selvan Lazar, Binoy M T and the Rector of the Roseminian House. The construction is on the way to completion and in a short while the blessing and inauguration of the new hall will be held.

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