Charity and Vision: Celebrating 50 Years.

I do not have all eternity at my disposal…

The Missionary Society of Heralds of Good News moves on by the power of the Holy Spirit which always indwells with her in the person of her founder, Very Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett, who founded this Missionary Congregation in 1984, when the time and world made their cry for dedicated, zealous, saintly and hardworking missionary priests. That was his mission statement, a mission about people, which became the constitution of Heralds of Good News primarily, and for the Sisters of Good News and Missionaries of Compassion he seeded in1992 and 2003 respectively, as extension of his divinely guided vision. The Society of Heralds of Good News today, with the single minded devotion of every member is the solid expression of the vision and values of Very Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett. He knew he was not meant for the minimum. He knew he does not have all the eternity at his disposal. So he did…

A biographical view into his person, life and mission…

On 5th May 1941, Very Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett was born as a gift to Mr. Kuriakose and Ms. Anna of the Kaimlett family, at Palakattumala, a scenic portion of the Diocese of Palai, Kerala. Growing in wisdom and grace, it was from St. Francis High School, Marangattupally that Fr. Kaimlett completed his matriculation studies in 1955. The arena of education, from family, school and locality witnessed and nurtured the man’s motives and qualities. God’s will did not have a doubt in meeting the young man, as the future went back in time and space, to welcome the first steps of young Kaimlett as a seminarian, joining the Diocese of Palai. His missionary call lying deep within motivated him to join the Missionary Diocese of Vijayawada in 1957. Having completed his priestly-erudite requirements from Sacred Heart Seminary, Poonamallee, in the then Madras, he was ordained on 18th April 1966. And that was the inception of the Man-the Herald of Good News.

As a young priest, in 1970, Fr. Jose took up his first of the major missions, setting up a mission centre at Akkiveedu, which became an independent parish in the following year, with Father himself as the first Parish Priest. There was no looking then on. The person who would navigate many a difficult missions in India and overseas for the coming decades never had to look back, as he knew well in whom he had put his trust. As a presbyter, his missionary zeal could not be contained in a particular land or culture or people or charism. His mission was in the making… the vision was growing. Fr. Kaimlett’s maneuver of doing God’s will extended from learning to teaching, from works of mercy to administration and from healthcare to deeds of devotion.

Rev. Fr. Jose chaired the seat of Headmaster and Correspondent of St. Ambrose School, Nidadavole and the office of the Administrator of the bifurcated Diocese of Eluru from Vijayawada. His presence there was part of God’s great plan, as it was in the newly erected Diocese, he would bring his vision to concretization. And that happened in 1984, as under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Fr. Jose founded the Missionary Society of Heralds of Good News. Meanwhile, he helped the new Bishop Most Rev. John Mulagada in paving the first stones of the fresh Diocese. The Eternal city, Rome added to Fr. Jose’s great rapport as a learner and an educator in awarding him his Doctorate in Canon Law in 1981. In taking up his mission in educating the poor masses, Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett erected around 28 schools in India and Africa. Attached hostels of these institutes were a sign of Rev. Dr. Jose’s trademark charity for the marginalized of the population.

An avid reader himself, Rev. Dr. Jose put his thoughts into black and white on various prints. The repertoire today covers Wisdom of the Ages (1995), Tonic for the Spirit, 2 Vols. (2009-10), and the Italian tongue of the latter published in Rome as Multivitaminico per lo Spirito. His latest work of collection came out in 2011 under the title Insights. The genius wisdom of the vast years of his missionary experience is seen through the lines in every single reading.

Nothing inspires us more when word embodies flesh… and here is a sojourn through the transubstantiation of the thoughts of a single God-inspired Priest, into actions…

Rev. Dr. Kaimlett’s thoughts were not limited to media. Rather his life became inspirational pages for many a souls as they witnessed his charity in erecting number of hospitals, rehabilitation and care centers for various patients, including those stung by leprosy, cancer and other ailments. Being a devoted priest, Dr. Jose became instrument in erecting many churches and chapels in India and abroad, the Shrine of Mother Mary at Nirmalgiri, Andhra Pradesh being the most famous today. The Shrine today plays solace to thousands of believers who throng to the ever compassionate Mother of God.

Works of Humanitarian Aid

1. Holy Cross Hospital, Nidadavole, Eluru Diocese (Holy Cross Sisters)

2. Clara Memorial Hospital, Aswaraopetta

3. Rehabilitation Centre for physically Handicapped, Thangillamudi, Eluru Diocese (Daughters of St. Vincent De Paul)

4. Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Janampet, (Cammillian Fathers)

5. Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Nidadavole, (Holy Cross Sisters)

6. Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Sagipadu, (Hospital Sisters of Mercy)

7. Rural Dispensary, Dondapudi

8. T.B. Sanatorium and Hospital, Nirmalagiri, (Sisters of the Destitute)

9. Cyclone Shelter and Old Age Home, Manginappudi

10. Retirement Home, Kudackachira

11. Old Age Home, Kudackachira

12. House for the Destitute, Nanguneri

13. House of Compassion, Marayoor

14. Soup Kitchens, Vangayagudem and Nirmalagiri

15. Drinking Water facilities in villages

16. Old age Home, Dharmavaram

17. House for the Terminally Ill, Nanguneri

18. Good Samaritan Cancer Hospital, Vangayagudem

19. Hospice, Vangayagudem

20. Rural Dispensary, Kozhinjampara

21. Home for the Aged, Dharmavaram

Formation Houses

1. Heralds College and Provincialate House, Poonamallee, Madras

2. Heralds of Good News Minor Seminary, Kurukuru

3. Heralds of Good News Seminary, Ifakara, Tanzania

4. Heralds of Good News Seminary, Trichy

5. Holy Spirit Seminary, Sanigudem,

6. Formation House, Sisters of Good News, Chittar

7. Formation House, Sisters of Good News, Vangayagudem

8. Novitiate House, Sisters of Good News, Vegavaram,

9. St. John’s Major Seminary, Kurnool

10. St. John’s Seminary, Nidadavole,

11. St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Khammam

12. Mary Malarkody Minor Seminary, Ullar

Educational Institutions

1. Jeevan Jyothi High School and Convent, Dharmavaram

2. Good News High School and Convent, Gurzala

3. Good News High School, Enkooru

4. Good News School and Staff quarters, Aswaraopetta

5. Good News School, (extension), Nandikotukur)

6. Heralds High School, Vanastalipuram

7. St. Joseph’s High School, Hostel and Convent, Yernagudem

8. St. Mary’s School, Hostel and Staff Residence, Tadeppalligudem

9. Good News Press and Printing School, Eluru

10. Fr. Mathew Memorial School, Vangayagudem

11. St. Andrew’s High School, Thozhuthoor, Trichy

12. St. Andrew’s Matric Higher Secondary School, Thozhuthoor, Trichy

13. St. Joseph’s High School, Aliabad, Hyderabad

14. St. Mary’s High School, Antarvedikara

15. St. Mary’s High School, Ponugodu

16. St. Antony’s School, Dharmavaram


1. Our Lady’s Shrine at Nirmalagiri

2. Our Lady’s Shrine at Janampet

3. Completion of the Church and Shrine at Manginappudi

4. Holy Spirit Church, Vangayagudem

5. Divine Mercy Chapel, Kozhinjampara

6. Our Lady of Grace Shrine, Aliabad

Retreat and Spirituality Centers

1. Retreat Centre, Kozhinjampara

2. Retreat Centre, Kudakkachira

3. Retreat Centre, Nanguneri

Other Houses

1. Heralds of Good News Generalate, Thangalammudi

2. Convent, Sisters of the Destitute, Nirmalagiri

3. Parish House, Akiveedu

4. Priests Residence, Chanokondu

5. Priests’ Residence, Nirmalagiri

6. House of Compassion, Rocca di Papa, Rome

7. Sisters of Good News Generalate, Thangalammudi

8. House of Compassion, Vangayagudem

9. House of Compassion, Hyderabad

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